Learning Cooperative

understand reality, then transform it


The Learning Cooperative delivers affordable private tuition, while paying tutors from around the world a fair wage. We put students together with inspiring teachers in Gaza, London and Pakistan, to deliver high quality and engaging private language courses. Unlike normal private tuition, tutors are all paid an equal wage and languages are taught in their political, historical and social context. 


Pay what you can afford tuition

The Learning Co-op charges prices on a pay what you can afford basis.  Put simply, the more wealth and income you have, the more we ask you pay. 


Learn from a local

Learning a language is not just about rules and grammar. It’s also about understanding the culture, history and politics of the people you are going to communicate with. Whether it’s learning Arabic from Gaza or Urdu via Hyderabad, our lessons connect you directly to local tutors.


Pay a global wage

Everyone in the company, no matter where they live in the world or what they do, earns the same wage. This rate is set at the London Living Wage adjusted for a four-day working week.