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Arabic grammar

Group Online Tuition (8 MAX)
Grammar Course
10 weeks - Wednesday 6pm
from 24 may 2023


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If you know some basics in Arabic but you're not comfortable with grammar, then this course is for you! Our tutor has over 10 years of tutoring experience and would make this course easy for you. The course requires basic knowledge in Arabic. 


The course enables students to learn the basics of the Arabic language grammar, starting from the conjugations. The course develops the four skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking. By the end of the course you will be able speak Arabic with good grammatical accent.

The teacher is Arabic native-speaker from Gaza. This enables her to teach authentic and practical pronunciation and vocabulary without any mistakes. It will be an interactive course, where you'll have the opportunity to know more about Palestine and the Palestinian culture.


This course is taught in 10 sessions. The Learning Co-op offers an interactive online opportunity through diverse virtual engagement methods. The course starts on Wednesday 24th May, each session will run from 6pm till 7pm.

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