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ArabiC beginners 2

Group Online Tuition
10 week course

every sunday 4.30 pm
start date: 26th may 2024

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This term this Arabic course will be taught by Rana, a dedicated teacher from Syria.

Arabic Beginner Part 2 covers the following topics:

- Everyday expressions
- Family and Relationships
- Directions and Locations
- Emotions and expressions
- Weather and Seasons
- Food and dining
- Describing objects and people
- Telling the time
- Colours

- Past tense
- Nouns and adjectives
- Asking and offering things
- Prepositions
- Demonstrative pronouns
- Expressing possession

By the end of this course, you will have achieved a better understanding of the Levantine Arabic language while enhancing your vocabulary and conversation skills.

Register now to secure your place in our course, where you will immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment. Engage in interactive activities, practice conversations, and receive personalised feedback from our instructor.


The first session will begin on the 26th of May and will run over 10 sessions every Sunday. Each class lasts from 4.30pm to 5.30pm (UK time). A slightly more advanced session will take place at 6pm on Sunday, get in touch by email to assess your level. 

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