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Beginners 1

Group Online Tuition (6 MAX)
10 weeks

start date: 28 Jan. 2023


The beginners 1 lessons in French are ideally for students who have a basic knowledge of French, including beginners: either speaking, reading, writing or oral comprehension. The focus of these classes will be understanding and interacting. It is hoped that by the end of the course most students will have achieved level A1 in French (CEFR) and for some level A2. We will practice asking useful questions, seeking information about someone or somewhere, expressing interests, hobbies, opinions and suggesting activities or making plans.

Using context-based and creative pedagogies, relying on the teacher's experience, this course is built upon a participatory methodology. Challenging world views and exchange of ideas will be strongly encouraged, along with the effective provision of a range of linguistic tools in order to do so.

Fundamental Teaching Principles: 

Une lettre en français langue étrangée

About Qalqalah

No prior knowledge of French is needed. This course is taught in 10 sessions. The course starts on Saturday 28 January 2023 and sessions run from 11:30 UTC for 1 hour.

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