Introduction to playwriting: Marxist Perspectives

Group Online Tuition (12 MAX)
10 weeks 
START DATE: Tuesday 11th of January 2022
6-7:30pm GMT


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Playwriting is a fun, dynamic, and communally minded form of storytelling. In writing for live theatre, you forge a connection between actor and audience that is far more visceral and present than in film or TV. Around the world for hundreds of years, playwrights have wielded that connection to show their audiences the human condition as it is, and as it should be. If you have ever felt that you have a story to tell, please join me in this course.


In this ten week course, we will:


1. Explore the essential craft elements of playwriting: Scene structure, dramatic action, character voice, and setting.


2. Read and analyze the work of master playwrights: such as Lorraine Hanesberry, Bertholt Brecht, Maria Irene Fornes, Wole     Soyinka, and others.


3. Develop a writing practice: writing a new scene each week, revising and editing those scenes, and by the end of the       class,   finishing a one act play.


4. Read aloud new scenes by students every week: practicing offering and accepting constructive criticism in a workshop setting.


5. Hear from several contemporary playwrights and theatre-makers: they will share with us how they are using theatre to create a more just world.


Over the ten weeks,In this course we will explore not only the form and content of the plays we read and write, but also their function in a social context: What statement is the play making to its audience? How is it showing this idea using the essential craft elements of playwriting? Is it presenting this idea effectively?


By the end of this course, you will have all the tools you need to strike out on your playwriting adventure!


This course will be taught by Abigail Weaver, a playwright, director, actor, producer, and translator who is experienced in facilitating creative workshops.