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Gaeilge ón mbun aníos - Céim 2 // Irish from Below - Step 2 

Group Online Tuition (8 MAX)
10 weeks 
Start Date: Wednesday 20 April

irish decline.jpg

Step 2 Irish course with Tomás (he/him/sé/é)

Course Outline

This course is aimed at anyone interested in improving their Irish, particularly people who perhaps studied at school but have forgotten much of what they learned, people who have been practicing on Duolingo or another app and now want to start actually speaking to others in a classroom, or anyone who has done a beginner course in Irish and wants to take their language skills to the next level. Learners will not just learn grammar and practice speaking, but will also consider how our learning is taking place in the context of the history of the language we are learning and current challenges it faces, in particular, how colonialism, capitalism and state policies of austerity and neglect have and continue to impact minority languages such as Irish. 


As a Céim 2 (Step 2) course, learners are expected to have some familiarity with the Present Tense in Irish, as well as experience introducing themselves and talking about topics such as where you are from, where you live and what your hobbies are. However, if you are rusty, don’t worry, the course will revise and build on these topics, and also introduce the Past tenses, as well as vocabulary to describe your home, your family/friends, your everyday life, work, skills and to talk about food.


Key Skills

We will practice listening, reading, writing and speaking during the course. 


However, particular emphasis will be placed on giving learners opportunities to practice speaking and conversation in small groups, through role plays and discussions, and on reading short texts in order to build vocabulary by guessing new words from their context.

As part of this course each student is encouraged to create a short illustrated/narrative using found images / photos / clip art / hand drawings, and to accompany at least 10 sentences in Irish (written or audio). These stories will be shared in the final class.

Access Statement:

Please let us know if there are any disability accommodations you need to participate in this class. The co-op team and I are committed to making this course as accessible as possible.


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