Irish: Beginners 2

Group Online Tuition (8 MAX)


10 weeks 

Start Date: Tuesday 12 january

irish decline.jpg

This course is a continuation of our Irish Beginners 1 course. It is intended to help students with basic skills to further their knowledge.


The focus of beginners 2 lessons will no longer be on being introduced to the language in its most basic forms (days of the week, saying hello, thank you, goodbye, introducing oneself), these lessons will now be focused more on interacting and understanding, as well as the basics of grammar.

The first session will begin on Tuesday, 12 January 2021, and each class lasts from 7 pm to 8 pm. There will be approximately 45 minutes of optional homework each session, completion of which will help you to advance in the language.


All the courses at The Learning Co-op are based on a pay what you can afford model. We break down our prices into 5 bands based on how much you earn each year. The idea is simple: the more wealth you have, the more you pay, enabling everyone to access brilliant tuition at an affordable price. 

Bígí linn! (be with us!) and seize your chance to learn some Irish with The Learning Co-operative, as together we play our role in spreading the language throughout the world!