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ITALIAN: Beginners 2

Group Online Tuition (6 MAX)
10 weeks
Thursday 30th June at 7 PM BST


This course is a continuation of the beginners 1 course. In particular, it will develop students’ confidence to use the fundamental structures of the Italian language for everyday interactions, such as asking for information and talking about their present and past experiences. The course will consolidate the students’ basic knowledge, acquired either autonomously or through lessons, and will deepen their understanding of grammar, vocabulary and language patterns.
Students entering this course will be expected to have a basic knowledge of Italian pronunciation, vocabulary of everyday life (work, food, travel); simple Italian grammar such as a partial use of present tense; basic principles of gendered nouns and adjectives; as well as elementary prepositions and articles.
The Beginners 2 course will introduce slightly more complex grammar such as the use of the past tenses and the use of the future. It will also gradually expand specific areas of vocabulary. In particular, students will acquire the use of fundamental linkers and connectors and expand everyday vocabulary to perform simple but useful interactions.
The course will also cover socio-political themes and many of the cultural aspects that have had an impact on the development of the language. This course is taught through a methodology based on horizontality, participation and cooperation. The needs, opinions and contributions of every student will be taken into account in the development of the classes.  

The course will be taught by Margherita, a native Italian tutor who has worked in the field for many years teaching both Italian and English. Her BA in history and MA in politics allow her to enrich her language and grammar teaching with historical and political analysis. She believes the principal motivation for teaching a language is to gift other people the confidence to speak for themselves and access the tools to open new opportunities.

This course is taught in 10 sessions spread across ten weeks. The Learning Co-op offers an interactive online opportunity through diverse virtual engagement methods. The course starts on Thursday 30th June at 7PM BST.

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