Spanish Beg 1

Group Online Tuition (6 MAX)
10 weeks (Every Wednesday at 7 pm)
Start Date: Wednesday 23 June


In a global context where solidarity and communication between equals are needed, learning Spanish might get us closer to each other and make us live our differences and similarities with more understanding eyes. The spread of the Spanish language all over the American continent, has turned it into a richer and more versatile language, prime material for the creation of beautiful literature, music, poetry, movies, some of which you will get a grasp during the course.

For this Spanish Course for beginners, no prior knowledge of Spanish is needed. The student will develop a familiarity with sounds in Spanish and basic communication. It also offers insight into the diversity of culture and societies in Spanish speaking countries, especially in Latin América.

After ten sessions you will be able to talk about yourself and others in simple present tense and describe basic everyday life situations, including greetings, asking and answering questions, telling the time and dates, be able to understand simple, short written texts and speech in present tense, while getting closer to Latin American culture, arts, history and societies.


•    The sounds of the Spanish alphabet (pronunciation and stress)
•    Vocabulary (similar English and Spanish words) 
•    Basic conversation and its structure
•    Greetings and introductions
•    Talking about yourself and others, describing situations
•    Asking about people and happenings 
•    Talking about time and dates
•    Oral and written comprehension 

•    Verb To Be – Ser y Estar
•    The Present tense of regular and some regular irregular verbs
•    Nouns (gender, number and some irregular forms)
•    Definite, indefinite and neutral articles
•    Prepositions
•    Use of interrogatives 
•    Negative and affirmative words

The course will be taught by Carmen who lives in Venezuela and has served as an interpreter and translator during several international political events in Venezuela and over the world, keenly helping to link the hearts and will of peoples in struggle for self-determination. Carmen has a degree in Audiovisual Media, hence her inclination to promote solidarity through communication and language.