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LLC charges prices on a pay what you can afford basis. As a guide for how much you should be paying, we have devised a simple set of questions (called the wealth test), that takes into account your income and wealth to give you a suggested price. Put simply, the more wealth and income you have, the more you pay. The reasons for this are simple. We want everyone to be able to afford private tuition. By charging people different prices, we can offer more lessons to a greater number of people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

The Wealth Test asks 7 basic questions, in order to determine the price a person should be paying. These 6 questions are:

  1. What is your average monthly income?

  2. How much wealth do you own?

  3. How many dependents are you responsible for?

  4. Did you or your parents go to university?

  5. What is your housing situation?

  6. Do you expect to inherit wealth?

Your income is the most important factor for determining your income, followed by wealth and then the rest.

The wealth test is a guide. It gives suggestions rather than fixed prices. You have the choice to decide whether you really think it is fair or affordable. If you disagree with the suggested price, there is the option of moving up or down a price band. If you still disagree, you have the final option of accepting our breakeven price the minimum price we can charge without losing any money on the lesson.

An important feature of the wealth test is that it is 100% anonymous and honesty based. The personal and financial information that you enter into the excel sheet below is not stored or saved by LLC. It is fundamentally up to you to decide what price you believe is affordable.

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