Irish: Beginners 1

Group Online Tuition (6 MAX)
10 weeks 
Start Date: Friday 25 june


After our Irish courses sold out we have decided to offer another slot! Sit down with us and learn the basics of one of the oldest and most unique languages in Europe: Irish.


This 10-session online course will teach standard Irish. Irish is a Celtic language mainly spoken in Ireland, but it shares linguistic links with other Celtic languages and has close links to Scotland and the Isle of Man. Irish boasts the oldest written vernacular in Western Europe.

Due to a variety of wide-ranging factors, Irish suffered a rapid decline in the 19th century and English became the most commonly used language in Ireland. However, modern times have seen a revival led by various people and groups across and beyond the island. Irish is still the main spoken language in the Gaeltacht areas in Ireland, and many people are learning the language across the worldwide Irish diaspora.

 This 10 week course is designed to:

• To provide an introduction to Irish vocabulary, basic phrases and customs.

• To enable learners to have a conversation about themselves and their families.

• To enable learners to write a short passage about themselves in a text message or email.

• To provide an introduction to the cultural context of Ireland and the Irish language.

• To enable learners to describe hobbies and interests.

By the end of the ten week course, the student will be able to:

1. Introduce themselves in the new language.

2. Describe the members of their family in detail.

3. Describe their house and where they live.

4. Say whether the like/dislike sport/music.

5. Understand and tell the time.

6. Be able to understand basic reading comprehensions in Irish 7.

Be able to write a short passage


The course will be taught by  Bríd O’Donnell, an Irish language teacher from County Mayo in Ireland. She is a driven individual who is devoted to promoting and teaching the Irish language by instilling an appreciation of the language through its culture. Bríd has always been passionate about the Irish culture, particularly Irish music, and has travelled throughout Europe and the US performing Irish traditional music. She graduated from the University of Limerick in 2016 where she studied BA Irish Music and Dance for four years. She is currently studying at University College Dublin completing her Masters in ‘Scríobh agus Cumarsáid na Gaeilge’.

Bígí linn! (be with us!) and seize your chance to learn some Irish with The Learning Co-operative, as together we play our role in spreading the language throughout the world!