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Pay what you can Afford

All the courses at The Learning Co-op are based on a pay what you can afford model. 


We break down our prices into 5 bands based on how much you earn each year. It's simple: the more money you have the more you pay, enabling everyone to access high quality tuition at an affordable price. 

Band A: £0K-13K p.a.
Band B: £13K-19K p.a.
Band C: £19K-30K p.a.
Band D: £30K- 50K p.a.
Band E: £50K+ p.a.

The following price bands are for 10 sessions (each session lasts 1 hour):

Group Tuition

Band A: £100 

Band B: £150 

Band C: £200 

Band D: £250 

Band E: £350 

1 to 1 tuition

Band A: £200 
Band B: £250 
Band C: £300 
Band D: £350 
Band E: £400 

Refund Policy

Refunds are available before you take your second class (i.e. if you take the first class and want your money back, we will refund you in full).

Fulfilment Policy

Once we have confirmed your payment, you will receive an email notification will all the details of your first lesson. We aim to organise the lessons at the same time each week, however if you are doing 1 to 1 courses , changes to this timetable can be arranged with your tutor. 

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