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ייִדיש אָן אַ גרענעץ
Yiddish Group course for
beginners 1 NY time

Group Online Tuition
8 weeks - 75 min. sessions


wed. 22nd MAY 2024
19:30 EST (new york time)


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This course is for anyone who would like to explore Yiddish and connect to the cultural treasures that learning the language can unlock. Whether you are interested in Yiddish as the language of struggle, folklore, literature or your own family, this is a great place to start. 


No prior knowledge is needed to take this Yiddish course but those who have done a little learning on their own, or heard a bit of Yiddish at home are very welcome. Students will become familiar with the sounds of Yiddish, start to develop literacy in the alef-beys and build the foundations for further Yiddish study. 


After 8 sessions you will be able to hold a simple conversation in Yiddish, including questions, talking about yourself and others, using pronouns, and discussing some of your interests. We’ll also explore songs, poetry, and people from Yiddish culture as we unpack some of the history and politics of the language and the reality of learning Yiddish in the present. 


This is a queer-inclusive class open to all, and course topics will be shaped by the interests of the students.


Join a free introductory session on Wed 15th May 7:30pm NY time at this link.


For students who are looking for a more advanced class, get in touch regarding 1-1 sessions or future class offerings.


The course is taught by Esther (they/them עז/זים) who is based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. 


Esther completed an MA in Applied Linguistics to learn more about second language acquisition, best-practice pedagogy and language revival and has worked for many years helping people (re-)connect to Yiddish. They know learning a language can be a challenging process and are dedicated to creating fun, creative learning communities that support students to make real progress towards their Yiddish goals. Esther also produces the educational podcast Proste Yiddish.


​Access Statement:

This course will be delivered online via zoom with all written materials provided to students ahead of class. The course is taught in English and Yiddish. Please let us know if there are any disability accommodations you need to participate in this class. The co-op team and I are committed to making this course as accessible as possible.

All the courses at The Learning Co-op are based on a pay what you can afford model. We break down our prices into 5 bands based on how much you earn each year. The basic premise is simple: the more money you have the more you pay, enabling everyone to access brilliant tuition at an affordable price.  

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