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Recruiting: Law Tutor

The London Learning Cooperative is looking for law tutors as part of its new project for individual law tuition. We are looking for qualified lawyers and legal academics who share our commitment to radical and critical approaches to legal education and practice.

Tutors are paid one hour prep for every one hour of tuition at a rate of £13.45/hour. Tuition is conducted remotely via Zoom. The politics animating the project are geared towards creating a truly global network of people committed to understanding and transforming unequal, violent and imperial structures. Though tutors are paid the same flat rate that LLC pay's to all its workers, students pay an amount tethered to what they can afford. When combined with the online and international format, this creates a highly inclusive and accessible learning environment.

To find out more about the role, please download this document. To apply, please complete this form, which asks you to respond to a few short questions and upload your CV.

There is no deadline; we are always looking to grow our team of law tutors. 

If you have any questions about the role or our law tuition project, please email

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