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London Learning Cooperative was set up in 2016 to deliver affordable private tuition. With costs of at least £30 per session, most people cannot afford to benefit from 1-1 tuition. Our solution was simple: run lessons and charge students different prices depending on how much they can afford. We have designed an affordable pricing system, called the wealth test, in order to guide how much each person should be paying so that we can pay tutors and make sure everyone can afford tuition.

LLC aims to forge links across the world to build a truly internationalist approach to learning. That our community should have emerged in London, the heart of one of humanity’s most powerful empires, is subversive in and of itself. We are already developing links of material solidarity, and fostering the emergence of sister organisations, in far-flung corners of the British Empire: Pakistan, Gaza, Derry, with more to come.

Lastly, LLC aims to become a worker cooperative, giving money and power back to the workers who make the business what it is. The first stage of this is to pay everyone in our company the same wage, no matter where they live in the world. We are also committed to paying good wages for coordinates and tutors. 

Company Address: 39 Deptford Broadway, Deptford, London SE8 4PQ

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