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ייִדיש אָן אַ גרענעץ
Yiddish Beyond Borders

Group Online Tuition
8 weeks - 75min sessions

thursday 28th Feb. 2024 19:30 EST



As before, the Beginners 1 class will get students acquainted with the fundamentals of Yiddish orthography, speech, grammar (such as verb conjugation in the present tense, asking questions, the negative etc.) and writing. Simultaneously, students will be exposed to the rich legacy of Yiddish culture by independently exploring its history in a political and social context.


For this term the Beginners 2 class will run on appointment only (1-1 sessions). The course is geared towards students who have either completed the Beginners 1 class or the equivalent, will tackle more complex grammatical topics such as the past and future tenses, declension, the imperative and so on.


 In both tracks, students will largely be responsible for creating the syllabi based on their interests. Rather than dictating the content of the syllabi, the teacher-facilitator’s role is to provide feedback on the students’ self-motivated learning and to provide insight into the barebones of the language’s grammatical structure when necessary.

The courses are taught by Eitan, a New York-based researcher, translator, and teacher interested in modern Yiddish culture as it relates to social movements. The event is being held online via Zoom.

Join a free introductory session on 1st June (6pm) at this link.

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