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IELTS prep Individual COURSE

1 on 1 Online Tuition 

3 weeks - 4 sessions per week 

Start Date: upon request


Practice and assess your language proficiency level with our IELTS preparation course before appearing for the test. This course is specifically designed for individuals who prefer personalized tutoring or have specific scheduling requirements.


With our flexible 1-on-1 course option, you can schedule your preferred dates and times directly with your tutor. Below are some of the key features of our IELTS Preparation course:

Listening Mastery: Sharpen your listening skills with real-world scenarios and diverse accents. From casual conversations to academic lectures, we've got you covered!

Speaking Excellence: Boost your confidence in expressing yourself fluently and coherently. Engage in interactive sessions that mimic the actual speaking test, preparing you for any topic thrown your way.


Reading Proficiency: Navigate through complex texts effortlessly. Our instructor Toma will guide you through various reading strategies, helping you decode intricate passages and extract essential information.


 Writing Precision: Craft compelling essays and responses with our expert guidance. From task analysis to effective time management, we'll equip you with the tools to excel in both the General Training and Academic Writing modules.


Intensive Course: Each class spans a dynamic 90 minutes, offering an immersive learning experience. We recommend a minimum of 4 classes per week for optimal preparation.

Module-Focused Weeks: Dive deep into one module each week, ensuring thorough coverage of all aspects of the IELTS test. With 12 classes in total, you'll emerge well-rounded and fully prepared for success.


Tailored Learning: Personalize your learning journey with instructors who understand your unique strengths and areas for improvement. Our commitment is to sculpt a course that aligns seamlessly with your goals.


Mock Test Evaluation: Kickstart your journey with an insightful evaluation of your current potential IELTS score. Our introductory mock test class will pinpoint specific areas for improvement, guiding your focus and maximizing your preparation. Embark on this transformative journey with us, and watch your IELTS scores soar!

The course is taught by Toma (he/him)

Having accomplished a Master's degree in International Relations and Politics of the Middle East at SOAS University of London, Toma brings a wealth of knowledge, especially considering his earlier completion of a Bachelor's degree in English and Politics. What sets Toma apart is his distinctive viewpoint as a dual Irish and French citizen, coupled with a fervent passion for post-colonial history and politics.

All our courses are priced on a pay what you can afford basis. We break down our prices into 5 bands based on how much you earn each year. The basic premise is simple: the more money you have the more you pay, enabling everyone to access brilliant tuition at an affordable price.  



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