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lower-intermediate to intermediate
Group Online Tuition 
10 weeks

2nd March 2024
Saturday 10 am GMT
(11 am CEST)

FRench Beginners 2.png

The Learning Cooperative’s lower-intermediate to intermediate classes in French are designed for students who already have a fair knowledge of French.

To better understand the ‘level system’ check this link. We would also recommend that potential apprenants spend a few minutes taking a level test on this website. We may be able to provide a short meeting with our tutor to assess spoken ability in French.

Using creative pedagogies, relying on our tutors’ experience, the course is built on a participatory practice. Challenging world views and exchange of ideas are encouraged. Members may wish to share their own ‘production’: be it a presentation on a trip to… Marseille or New Orleans, the synopsis of a play, film, book,… it needs only be connected to French.

Fundamental Teaching Principles: 

Une lettre en français langue étrangée

About Qalqalah

​This course is taught in 10 sessions.
Every Saturday at 10am GMT starting from March 2024.
The price for the course is based on a pay what you can afford honesty system - the
less income you earn, the lower the price.

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