Beginners 2
Group Online Tuition (8 MAX)
10 weeks
Saturday 9 October
10am BST


The beginners 2 French lessons are for students who have a basic knowledge of French whether in speaking, reading, writing or oral comprehension. The focus of beginner’s 2 lessons will no longer be on being introduced to the language in its most basic forms (days of the week, saying hello, thank you, goodbye, introducing oneself), these lessons will now be focused more on interacting and understanding. The objective is that by the end of these lessons all students will at least have an A1 level in French (CEFR) and for some perhaps almost A2. We will go over asking questions like directions or asking for information regarding someone or somewhere, expressing our interests and hobbies as well as suggesting activities and making plans.

By using context-based and transformative pedagogies, based on the teacher's years-long research of alternative ways of producing knowledge and change, this course will be structured in a participatory methodology, where challenging world views and exchange of ideas will be strongly encouraged, along with the effective provision of all the necessary linguistic tools to do so.

This course is taught in 10 sessions.

The price for the course is based on a pay what you can afford honesty system - the less income you earn, the lower the price.


The course starts on Saturday 9 October and sessions run from 10am till 11am BST.