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3+1 holiday offer



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The New Year is always a good reason to start learning something new and the learning process could be especially exciting when you study with your friends and loved ones. In response to many requests from our students who wished to enrol in our courses with their comrades, we are announcing our 3+1 holidays offer. If 4 of you sign up together for any of our courses, you only pay for 3.


To participate and to get one free space for your group, follow these three steps:


  • Book first three places on any course of your choice before January 21. You can either sign up for the same course together, or each person from your group can choose different ones. Remember that each person from your group can still select the pricing plan they can afford individually.

  • Once the first three people from your group complete their purchase, you can designate one person to reach us via email and provide us with names and e-mails of the first three students who booked their place + name and email of the person for whom you want to get a free place and the course they would like to start in January.

  • Once we have received this info, we will create an account for the fourth person in your group and grant them a place on the course of their choice. 

January courses’ starting dates:

Islamic Philosophy — 11th of January 2021

Irish, beginners  2 - 12th of January 2021

French beginners 1,  - 12 th of January 2021

Spanish, beginners 1 - 13th of January 2021

Irish, beginners 1 - 14th of January 2021

Arabic, beginners 1 - 14th of January 2021

Portuguese, beginners 1 - 19th of January 2021

Italian - 20th of January 2021

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